Fixed Pilot Chair TR-005-01

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Fixed Pilot Chair
Pilot Chair

We run a factory of making marine passenger seat, ferry seat, pilot chair, navigation chair, helmsman chair, steering chair with high quality. All marine passenger seats , ferry seats are made of aluminum alloy frame and fire-proof and wear-assistant PU. The overall strength of the pilot chair, navigation chair, helmsman chair, steering chair meet the requirements of International Code for High-speed Boat Construction, and the overall bearing capacity is about 260KG.
The feature of this navigation chair TR-005-01
1.  Navigation fixed type chairs. 
2. The lifter system adopts pneumatic lifter. Stabilus stainless steel cylinder is used from Germany.
The lifting stroke of the surface height is 710mm-890mm, and the lifting and lifting can be adjusted by the handle.
The lifting column is made of A3 steel, and the appearance is treated by salt spray test to prevent rust.
3. The seat part can be adjusted by the handle to tilt forward and backward, the adjustment Angle is ±12°, and the adjustment height is 60mm.
4. The seat cushion part can slide back and forth through the handle, with a sliding stroke of 120mm.
5. The Angle of the seat back can be adjusted by the handle, ranging from 85° to 150°.
6. The seat armrest can be adjusted according to the needs of the upper and lower Angle through the knob, headrest height can be adjusted.
7. The seat can rotate 360 degrees, and can be locked in any direction through the knob, positioning every 90 degrees slot.
8. The seat is made of steel frame inner core, polyurethane cold foaming one-time high elastic sponge, the fabric is black PU leather.
9. Foot pedals can be folded and retracted 90 degrees.
10. The foot pedal adopts steel structure.
11. Seat tilting, sliding device, track sliding positioning disc device, all adopt steel structure, the appearance of salt spray test rust prevention treatment.

Pilot Chair