Partially enclosed lifeboat

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Partially enclosed lifeboat
Comparing with totally enclosed lifeboat with same capacity, the original structure and arrangement of partially enclosed lifeboat are more compact and reasonable. The boat is of lighter weight, smaller size and higher strength that make the cabin more commodious and comfortable.
The main dimension of the boat length can be from 7.0m to more than 9M.
Dimension(M) Hook distance Total weight (Kg)
7.00*2.70*1.10 6.60 6628
8.00*2.80*1.20 7.60 8400
8.50*3.15*1.20 8.10 10120
8.80*4.26*1.45 8.45 16800
9.30*3.45*1.20 8.90 12850
9.60*4.20*1.45 9.20 16800
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