Round enclosed lifeboat

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We have supplied Marine life-saving equipment for many years.
Marine Classification Society certificate, ABS, BV, CCS, DNV(GL),NK, etc are available .
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Customized F.R.P totally enclosed lifeboat
We are able to design and manufacture satisfied lifeboat and rescue boat according to your requirement.
Your own design is welcome. 
This customized F.R.P totally enclosed lifeboat is designed and manufactured according to the latest regulation of SOLAS and international standards.
We have got ABS approved.
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Lifeboat Specification:  
Advantage of this lifeboat structure and improved material
● Structure
                                                                         Unlike the standard round lifeboat available presently in market with the structure of framework hook system, JY60E has the unique feature of hull strength because it is made from a whole fiber                                                                     reinforced plastic (F.R.P) keel. This design ensures uniform distribution of stress to various parts of the boat and confirms to the lifeboat over load test strength requirement of 6.3 part I of  MSC.81(70).
 ● Feature of keel integration
                                                                  This feature of keel integration has the capability of making less drag resistance and achieving improved engine efficiency. Also the feature of keel integration, combines the interior and exterior of the boat resulting in a flat and smooth finish. The boat interior is finished with a monotonic coat of paint.
● Material improvement
The width of keel material of earlier round lifeboat was more than 100MM.The improved JY60E has a 200MM wide and 140MM height in structure.
● Improved safety, efficient design & user convenience,
● Lifeboat door:
The door of old round lifeboat was concave on the surface of the boat. The improved JY60E is convex on the surface, which enlarges & improves the living space.
● Sprinkling pipes
The sprinkling pipes are especially designed to circle around the strengthened hull.
The well-distributed sprinkling has a dual advantage, and could also be used a escaping grab rails as well.
● Spacious Wheel house and hatch
                                                         Besides the bigger wheel house for excellent line of sight, the hatches in the cabin and forward of the boat, the escape hatch are designed & located on the top of the boat for the purpose aircraft rescuing.
The improved JY60E could hold 54 persons (54*82.5KG), the seat width is 430mm;
and for 45 persons (45*98KG), the seat width is 533MM.
● Self-righting characteristic
A unique kind of buoyant material of rigid foam is used in our boat, which ensure that the rescue boat is capable of being self-righted when it is inverted in the water.
It meets the self-righting test requirement of circular 6.14.1 and flooded stability test
of 6.8 of Part I of MSC.81(70).

 ● Designed for Maintenance
Besides the deck space of on the forward and aft, JY60E is designed to reduce
240MM space on either sides of boat body. Hence this design is very convenient for
safe operation and maintenance.
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