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Yacht vertical windlass

Time:23-04-24 Author:Admin
Yacht vertical windlass

We provide various types of winch for yachts, including stainless steel capstan/winch/windlass
Electric Winch, AC Vertcal Windlass, Hydraulic Windlass, Capstan Winch, Horizontal Windlass, etc,.
Custom services can also be provided.

1. Vertical design suits powerboats or sailboats and can be utilized for anchor ropes, as docking capstans on larger craft, or auxiliary line hauling.
2.High-quality polished 316 stainless steel surface makes for a beautiful appearance
3.Simplified installation by modular design and precise alignment
of gearbox to the top works utilizing marine-grade stainless steel studs
4.Rope-chain gypsy, choice of two gypsy
5.Fit include hand-switch, foot-switch, control box and wrench
6.Three-year warranty