Open life raft

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We have supplied Marine life-saving equipment for many years.
Marine Classification Society certificate, ABS, BV, CCS, DNV(GL),NK, etc are available .
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Open reversible life rafts type K

it is suitable for high speed daft on short international voyages .
Product standard
                                                                                        It meets the requirements of regulation for the statutory surveys of ships and offshore installations technical regulation for the statutory surveys
                                                                                   of sea -going ships engaged on non -international voyages(2004) of P.R.C and the international code of safety for high speed craft 2000" of (2000HSC code )and MSC81(70).
 Equipment outfit
HSC pack
Inflation method
                                                                                          After throw -over from ship, the life-raft can be inflated and opened automatically. if the ship sinks very fast and the life raft can not be thrown -over ,
                                                                                           the raft still can float up from water under the action of hydrostatic release unit and can be inflated and opened automatically.
  Max. storage height
the installation height is 10m from water surface .
                          China classification society (CCS) certificate of type approval (DIV-GL) EC type approval (DNV-GL) EC type examination certificate
open life raft