CZF series marine or navy axial fan

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CZF series marine or navy axial fan

CZF series ship with micro axial flow fan(hereinafter referred to as the "fan" can be applied to all kinds of JunChuan and ship with the people of the kitchen, toilet, bulkhead, public places, conference room and ventilation, also can be applied to other appropriate occasion.
1. Fan with the variable circulation mention design. According to the parameters of the fan selection reasonable variable circulation coefficient, reasonable distribution blade each section on the characteristic velocity and length, etc, fan with low noise, small size, light weight, stable performance, etc.
2. Fan considering the ship with special requirements fully in the design and manufacturing: impeller through strict dynamic balance correction, over speed test, the fan has good corrosion resistance to sway, shock, vibration, stable tunning and safety,reliability, etc.
3. Fan applies to 38v/220v, 50hz or 38v/220v, 60hz place.

The impeller is made of anticorrosive case aluminum alloy, it is dynamically shaped and carefully balanced to ensure the fan having reliable anticorrosive property and operating smoothly.
The fan casing, being welding construction, is made of steel plate with flanges for connection with duct at both sides by bolts, and the surface is fully treated by anticorrosive painting. As desired, the casing can either be made into an integral one or an open type along the axial direction, the impeller and the motor are fixed on the movable half of the casing so as to bring convenience for on the-spot repair and the replacement of its spare parts.
The fan is manufactured with a built-in casing motor structure. The impeller is directly mounted on the motor shaft.

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