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Diaphragm type electric air horn

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Diaphragm type electric air horn

The productions of WD-controlled diaphragm type electric air horn by our factory, are widely used in various types of ships’ acoustic   apparatuses. The device for the diaphragm vibration pronunciation, by compressed air as a driving force to promote the diaphragm vibration alarms issued.In the light of CB * 881-84 standards for the design, manufacture, this device uses advanced technological process. The pronunciation body and the control valve body use copper alloy and the use of aluminum alloy horn with light weight, high strength, large volume, less power consumption, etc,all of those make the performance of indicators are met or exceeded the standard requirements.

TYPE Solenoid valve rated voltage
Solenoid valves consume power Nominal diameter
rated pressure
Sound pressure level
Frequency range
Work schedule
Gas consumption
voltage of a power supply used by an electric heater
Electric power consumed by an electric heater
Length of vessel used
WD-1 220/24 45 25 10
1.0 ≥130 250-700 breaks ≥8.3*10-3 220 150 20 ≤75
WD-2 1.5 ≥138 130-350 30 ≥75
WD-3 2.0 ≥143 70-200 45 ≥200

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