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Marine passenger seat

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Marine passenger seat

Passenger seat in detail:
1. Basic configuration:
Handrails are fitted to the left and right of each passenger table; Containing seat cushion and the back of a chair, backrest angle adjustment ,with united and decorative head, armrest, chair foot, adornment to install rails, rail head, rail decoration layering, installation accessories;
2. Optional configuration:
Seat number scarf, life-saving pocket, magazine bag, table board
3. Material:
A.Chair surface is PU wear-resisting refractory high imitation leather、Genuine leather or fabric;
B.Back for high-density polyester one-time forming high cold foam spring back fire sponge;
C.Cushion for high-density polyester one-time forming high cold foam cushion spring back fire sponge;
D.Seat beams, chair foot, armrest for high strength aluminum alloy 6063 oxide;
E.Rail for high strength aluminum alloy 6061 oxide;
F.Beams, rail decoration head for PVC plastic resin materials;
G. Rail decoration layering for environmental protection rubber material

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