Inland river sewage treatment plant

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SWCM(N)-type inland river sewage treatment plant 

Working principle and process:
Compared to the ocean ship, the inland river ship has the characteristics of small space, can not be continuous power supply and other characteristics, our company and Harbin Engineering University, developed a new generation of SWCM (N) type marine sewage treatment plant. Device adopts with anaerobic, biological contact oxidation, electric flocculation MBR , UV disinfection technology of the composite process to deal with the Inland Ship toilet Backwater, The index of treated water is much better than requirements of the IMO.MEPC.159 (55) and GB10833-89, and are approved by Jiangsu Provincial maritime bureau.
First of all sewage into the anaerobic tank without aeration, use of anaerobic bacteria will degrade a large molecular organic matter of the sewage into a low molecular compound, nitrification and gentrification, and phosphorus removal; Then the wastewater enters into the contact oxidation tank, and aerobic reaction, under the action of aerobic bacteria, the organic material is removed with the BOD and COD, the wastewater is treated by aerobic treatment of the wastewater is raised to the electro coagulation reaction tank, in addition to the oxidation reduction reaction and degradation of organic compounds in water, can also carry on the coagulation effect, and enhance the performance of wastewater treatment, remove phosphorus and colloid; Electric flocculation reaction tank supernatant then entered the settling tank, in precipitation of activated sludge in the cabinet will be continuous precipitation, and was automatically and regularly "stripping" returned to the anaerobic tank, improve the operating environment of the membrane; settling tank at the top of water then entered the membrane tank, after filtration and separation of MBR (membrane bioreactor), after ultraviolet disinfection sterilizer directly discharged overboard.
Product features:
1、The device uses the battery and solar power supply system, energy saving, low operating cost, and meet the conditions of the long-term without power supply.
2、The device is designed in the form of bulk structure, compact structure, and meet the requirements of the inland river ship modification;
3、In the area and route without external power supply, it can keep the sludge activity, and the sewage treatment is always in a state of continuous operation;
4、The device can be used to extend the life of the membrane and speed up the cultivation of the bacteria;
5、The use of UV disinfection treatment technology, green environmental protection, to avoid the secondary pollution;
6、Use membrane treatment technology, sludge loading rate is higher, the treatment is more complete, the amount of sludge is less;
7、Use Biological contact oxidation process technology, a large number of activated sludge bacteria attached to the biological filler, the device can effectively shorten the culture time after stopping for a period of time;
8、The device has automatic heating function, can meet the requirements of low temperature environment;
9、In order to meet the requirement of zero discharge of special water, the device can be used as a storage tank for the storage of domestic sewage and sewage treatment plant;
10、The device is fully automated, low noise, easy operation and maintenance.
Technical parameters:

Model SWCM(N)
6 12
Capacity Hydraulic Load(L/d) 420 840
Organic load(Kg Bod5/d) 0.21 0.42
Rated capacity (persons) 6 12
Power source (KW) DC24V,2.0KW( electric heater Device),/AC 220V,50HZ, 3.0KW
Overall Dimension (MM) 1400X1060X1350 1400X1060X1350
Box number 4 4
Discharge pressure
Emergency discharge pressure is 0.08Mpa, the qualified water discharge pressure is 0.09Mpa
Discharge standard TSS less 35mg/L, BOD5 less 25mg/L,COD less 125mg/L,Coliforms less 100ml, PH:6-8.5, Residual Cl-: less 0.5mg/l

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