Fireman outfit

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Fireman outfit 

standard comply with SOLAS 1974 and its latest amendment
scope fire fighting ,chemical industry ,shipbuilding ,petroleum industry ,metallurgy ,mining ,transportation and other industries
Applicable environment Dense smoke ,lack of oxygen and any gas ,flue gas ,steam pollution of atmospheric environment -30℃~60℃,relative humidity 0~100%,atmosphenic pressure :70 kpato 125kpa
Main components High -pressure cylinders ,cylinder value ,pressure reducer, quick connections ,supply value ,full face mask, pressure gauges ,alarm , back  plate ,shoulder straps , harness ,etc.
Certificate CCS/EC
Model Cylinder material Cylinder volume (L) Gas storage capacity(L) Working hours (min) Working pressure Approval
RHZK5/30 Alloy steel 5 1500 40-50 300bar CCS
RHAK6/30 Alloy steel 6 1800 55-60 300bar CCS/EC
RHAK6.8/30 Carbon fiber composite 6.8 2040 60-65 300bar CCS/EC

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