Emergency escape breathing devices (EEBD )

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Emergency escape breathing devices (EEBD )

comply with SOLAS 1974 and its latest amendment
used for people when emergency escape , it is a high-performance personal respiratory protective equipment to protect them.
working principle :reduce the high pressure gas to medium pressure gas into 0.6-0.9 Mpa in the cylinder ,flow to hood for human respiratory    
certificate : CCS/EC/ZY

Model Cylinder material Cylinder volume (L) Working hours (min) Working pressure Approval
THRS10 Alloy steel 2 ≥10min 210bar CCS/ZY
THRS15   3 ≥15min 210bar CCS/EC/ZY
THRS15B Carton fiber 3 ≥15min 210bar  
can customize carton fiber cylinder

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