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GD type rubber fender

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GD type rubber fender

GD Type fenders are compression molded fenders and are generally used on tugs, boats and ships. It is easy to install and replace. It has excellent sea water resistance and resistance to ozone ageing and ultra violet rays. This GD Type fender is used to absorb the berthing energy during mooring or berthing so as to protect the ship and the dock from being damaged. It is suitable for various docks, wharfs sides. It has higher energy absorption than D type rubber fender. It features higher installation strength and long service life. This rubber fender is suitable for frame type docks.

1)the performance of reaction force and energy absorption are higher than D type
2)it can be installed firmly and is in long service life
3)it is usually suitable for the frame type harbor

specification & dimensions

types design compressive deflection(%) performance
reaction force(KN) absorption energy(KJ) tolerance%
GD280*1000L 50 371 14 ±10%
GD280*1500L 557 21
GD280*2000L 742 28
GD280*2500L 927.5 35
GD300*1000L 441 17.6
GD300*1500L 661.5 26.4
GD300*2000L 882 35.2
GD300*2500L 1102.5 44


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