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Cone type fender

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Cone type fender

Cone fenders are an improved version of cell type fender recently introduced and recommended for all type of applications including high tidal variation sites. This advanced feature of lesser heights of fenders improves material handling capabilities of vessel cranes which reduces overall cost of the project. Due to the geometrical shape of the fenders it can deflect more and it can absorption, can be achieved by using two identical cone fenders in a back to back arrangement. In order to distribute the reaction force, cone fenders are typically supplied with large fender panels, which keep the hull pressure low. Cone have good energy absorption to reaction force ratio; Integrated and fully-embedded fender flanges make assembly & installation simple; Good shear force resistance due to the large diameter of the fender flanges; Large fender footprint with good force distribution could lead to relative light panel construction, cone rubber fender adopts tapered rubber with a steel frame at the head.
Cone rubber fender is suitable for the docks that require low surface pressure of the ship’s panel, off-shore open berths and large docks like oil wharf and container terminal, as well as all places that are suitable for super cell marine fender


1 low reaction force, less surface pressure ,reasonable energy absorption
2 the simple figure is easy to be installed and maintained
3 little influence by shipping and dock ,use is widely
4 good adaptability for transversal and longitudinal shape during berthing
5 it can be used widely as the hanged . Equipment of defending dash for all kind of the shipping and dock
6 Applicable for frame dock and ships due to the smaller bottom width

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