Davit-launched inflatable life raft

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Davit-launched inflatable life raft Type D

it is suitable for installing ships on international voyages .
product standard
it meets the requirements of 《regulation for the statutory surveys of ships and offshore installations》"technical regulation for the statutory surveys of sea -going ships engaged on non -international voyages(2004)"of P.R.C and SOLAS 74/96 amendment ,LSA and MSC (18) 70&MSC218(82)&MSC293(87)&MSC226(82)&MSC323(89).
equipment outfit
A pack or B pack (ships engaged on short international voyage)
inflation method
this is a type to hang life raft at ship side by launching equipment ,go in board from ship's deck when inflate and to fall it down on the sea by davit. in case of failure in davit launching equipment, the life raft is also designed to be inflated automatically in the same way as throw -over type.
max. storage height
the installation height is 18-36m from water surface .
China classification society (CCS) certificate of type approval (DIV-GL) EC type approval (DNV-GL) EC type examination certificate

Model Capacity(Person) Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Weight(kg) Container size(L*φcm)
D-12 12 2970 2970 1750 <140 <120 135*71
D-15 15 3380 3380 1850 <160 <130 140*75
D-16 16 3380 3380 1850 <160 <130 140*75
D-20 20 3760 3760 2150 <190 <150 146*75
D-25 25 4280 4280 2280 <235 <185 152*79

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