Single arm davit

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Single arm davit 

The single arm slewing boat/raft davit is mainly used for lifting and lowering rescue boat, and also for lowering life raft.
Additionally, it is also acted as crane based on client’s requirement.
This equipment adopts hydraulic force rotation type. It can land to water surface by itself gravity and also operate
under the circumstance of power failure: make the lifeboat beyond shipboard and to pull the steel wire
so that the winch hammer can control boat/raft lading and stop; Crew can also operate it on the platform.
The winch adopts motor-driving gear box reduction organism and with centrifugal speed limit and manual brake function.
It meets requirements of International safety of life at Sea1974,IMO MSC/.81(70) and other regulation.  

Type S.W.L (KN) Application Max slewing radiu (M)
SAP14 14KN Rescue boat for offshore, without slewing ≦5.4M
SAF21 21KN Rescue boat ≦5M
Only for rescue boat  
SAF23 Rescue boat & Life raft
SAFC23 Rescue boat & Life raft
SA23S Life raft
SAF33 33KN Life raft ≦4.5M
HSR23 23KN Rescue boat & Life raft ≦5M
HSR30 30KN Rescue boat & Life raft ≦4.5M

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