F.R.P free fall lifeboat

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F.R.P free fall lifeboat 

F.R.P Free fall lifeboat is such a type that embarkation at the aft hatch according to the latest regulations of SOLAS and international standards and developed from totally enclosed lifeboat.
The construction is specially strengthened to have light acceleration strike during water entry that can be completed within seconds and escape rapidly from the vessels with longer self-stability.
It can be to safely evacuate crew from vessels or offshore platforms. The free fall release systems are specifically designed for easy activation by the crews and suit particularly the more dangerous projects
like off-shore oil drilling units etc. 
Model Main Dim(M) Capacity( persons) Speed (knots) Drop height(M) Total weight(kgs)
49C 4.90x2.36x3.0 16 >=6 16 3955
49F 4295
59C 5.90x2.36x3.0 21 >=6 16 4520.5
59F 4940.5
66C 6.60x2.75x3.1 30 >=6 20 6315
66F 6315
68C 6.80X2.70X1.20 33 >=6 20 6322
68F 6622
75C 7.50X2.70X1.20 36 >=6 18 7100
75F 7450
85C 8.80X2.94X1.20 48 >=6 25 8750
85F 9050

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