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Hainan International Shipping Exchange Construction Seminar Held

Time:2019-03-01 15:23 From:未知 Author:admin
Recently, the Hainan Provincial Department of Transportation established a special working group to carry out research on the construction of the Hainan International Shipping Exchange, and held a seminar on the construction of the Hainan International Shipping Exchange in Haikou on the afternoon of February 26.
The conference explored the development of ship trading and leasing transactions, cruise yacht transactions, shipping finance and shipping insurance, as well as services such as shipping futures and freight index derivatives trading, and created an internationally influential “Belt and Road” freight index system. Research and discussion in other aspects.
The meeting pointed out that in the next step, based on the suggestions of the participants, on the basis of learning from the experience of domestic and foreign shipping exchanges, combined with the actual situation in Hainan, the Hainan shipping transaction policy system will be constructed step by step and phased, and Hainan International will be gradually explored and steadily promoted. Construction of a shipping exchange.

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