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[News] The whole flight of the fog flight is no longer "confusing"

Date:2019-03-01 15:23:30 Click:69 Praise:0

Recently, heavy fog has occurred frequently in coastal areas such as the South China Sea, which has seriously affected the safety of navigation. Guangdong Maritime Reminder: At present, entering the foggy season, ships sailing and working i...

[News] Hainan International Shipping Exchange Construction Seminar Held

Date:2019-03-01 15:23:14 Click:191 Praise:0

Recently, the Hainan Provincial Department of Transportation established a special working group to carry out research on the construction of the Hainan International Shipping Exchange, and held a seminar on the construction of the Hainan I...

[News] Significant results have been achieved in the structural reform of the transportation supply side

Date:2019-03-01 15:22:22 Click:200 Praise:0

On February 28, Minister of Transportation Li Xiaopeng said at the press conference held by the State Council Information Office that deepening the structural reform of the transportation supply side is the focus of the transportation indus...

[News] Jiangsu port production "spring blossoms"

Date:2019-03-01 15:21:54 Click:145 Praise:0

The port is a barometer of economic development. When the economy is booming, the throughput will be strong. As a major port province, Jiangsu Taicang Port, Nantong Port, Lianyungang Port, Nanjing Port and other ports achieved a open door i...

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